Graffiti, makeup, art, horror, porn & afterlife anatomy.

Vulgar, Morbid & Ladylike.
I post things that sometimes do not even relate to me or how i feel whatsoever.
I just like to give my followers something they could potentially relate to. Don't take none of this personally.
If you like graffiti & porn then follow me.

Twitter/Instagram: @hollowqueeen

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Reblog - 5 notesMy #mcm goes out to the only guy that has been dealing w/ my moody days, my crying eyes, my cold hands, my weird playful nights, me waking him up at 7am everyday to take me to school & most of all my hunger! lol this man feeds me & supports me & deals w/ my bad days & still loves me for who I am. I am the luckiest girl! I love you so much Zakary Allen Perry πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
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Reblog - 2 notesSick, pale, no makeup, just eyelashes. evening ig β™‘
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Reblog - 0 notesI love my belly ring, it’s a cute lil daisy ❁
Reblog - 2 notesFresh out the shower, hair & makeup done & probably won’t even leave the house today✌
Reblog - 1 noteBe the worst you can be😘I wish I could say these were my real lashes, lol.